My name is Kerwan Celestine, originally from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Dominica, but resided my whole Life on the wonderful island of St.Maarten. I have always had an eye for the arts, always admired Photography and would watch the works of some famous Photographers, always saying to myself, "I want to be like that one day." 
On my birthday of 2012 my fiancée bought me my first professional DSLR, and told me to go and follow my dream, which got me started on my journey as a photographer, and I have not looked back since! I love Photography, it's a part of me, I love when i would just be walking or driving and see a spot and say to myself, WOW!! that would be an awesome location to do a photoshoot. 
One of my greatest rewards from being a photographer is seeing my Clients face light up with Joy and smiles, when they see the final product of my work. I don't consider my self a photographer, but an "Artist". Reason for saying this is, before i even start clicking on my camera, I have already painted in my head what I want the final product to look like. I would see a location and what may look normal to the naked eye, is a canvas for my painting (in other words pictures). My passion for photography drives me and allows me to keep pushing my limits and see how creative I can be, to take an image and make it Outstanding. 

Artist Statement
As a Photographer I have worked with Many Models, both Professionals and those looking to Start out their career or build their portfolio, I have Shot Many weddings, some of which you will see in my gallery, I have done Collaborations with other photographers, Hair Stylist and Make up artists. I have travelled to Shoot Weddings, events, maternity shoots even Hair shoots. I love meeting new people and working with Different talents, as this is the way we learn and grow as an individual. 

I am not just a Photographer, I consider my self an Artist! Because my work represents me, and it is also my signature, which by you viewing my work shows you what I am capable of doing and the Quality of work that I provide as a Photographer. I stand behind my brand and because of this I have grown to become the Photographer that I am today.